Why Is Hypertension So Prevalent?

Published: 04th July 2007
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Authorities are reporting that the levels of hypertension being reported are changing and that trend levels are being reversed. The instance of hypertension, having been in decline over the past three decades is increasing.

In the United States of America there are a staggering oversupply of fifty million people over the age of six who are sufferers of steep blood pressure otherwise known as hypertension. There are very few diseases quite as sinister or fatal as high-priced blood pressure. The real danger with it is the unitary absence of any form of external ominous sign whatsoever.

After conducting a preliminary analysis of those suffering from high blood pressure then you would procure that 30 percent of those suffering from it are unitaryly unaware of its existence! It is a frightening fact that if high-priced blood pressure is ignored and left untreated it will antecedent almost irreparable damage to the body's internal organs.

Hypertension is the single most paramount contributor to the manifestation of stroke, one of the biggest killer diseases known to man. Hypertension is also the single largest determinant of heart illness in the United States of America alone and contributes to over 500,000 deaths a year. Excessive blood pressure, left untreated, can reduce your lifespan by up to twenty years!

An immediate inarguable diagnosis of hypertension is essential if it exists. In todays current climate, such is the desire to pick up on occurence of hypertension at their earliest occurrences that the levels at which hypertension was considered alarming have now been lowered and an interim condition of "Pre Hypertension" has now been recognised.

The goal is to try and catch those whose blood pressure levels were once deemed to be at the high-priced end of being normal and stop them from becoming sufferers of hypertension. Sustainable changes to your lifestyle are an meaningful part of the whole new approach to the treatment of steep blood pressure.

With hypertension, if we take a base point of 115/75 mm Hg it has been proven that there is a 100 percent boost in the danger of a lethal heart attack or stroke with every 20 point systolic increase or 10 point diastolic swell. The external signs and prognostics of high blood pressure may not be that obvious to the lay person, to the proficient they can be spotted quite easily. Sometimes all it takes to lower the blood pressure levels are lifestyle changes whilst in certain other cases, medication is required.

With Hypertension and with the knowledge that we now have at our disposal there is no reason that it should be the meditative medical condition that it once was. The bottom line is that we all probably know someone who either has hypertension already but we also all know someone who not only has excessive blood pressure but has yet to be diagnosed with it.

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